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Skills Coaching

Regardless of skill level, all classes start the same and progress from there to the rider’s capacity. With exercises and drills designed to challenge the local trail rider & world cup pro, you will learn stability and control to vastly improve your riding.

Regardless of the rider’s ability, I start each foundational class with a bike setup- adjusting controls to be accessible, suspension to be balanced and set up to support the rider. I regularly hear “this feels like a different bike” after the adjustments. Sadly, most riders are on bikes that are not helping you like they are designed to.

Just like all good things in life, we start with foundation no matter if you are a World Cup level racer or a weekend warrior trying to improve your time on Strava. Off the bike, I walk you through how to stabilize your mass by loading your posterior chain (back of the body) and creating stability. Through a series of skill development drills, you then learn how to move that stability from the ground to your bike and create an offensive process- “power”. This is how everything you want to learn works, there are no tips/tricks or shortcuts.

Once your base foundation is formed and you have a new sense of stability, control and confidence, we can then begin further goal oriented work. Through this overreaching concept of loading the back of your body/bike to create stability, every technical obstacle, jump, fast corner and new challenge you will now face with the right set of tools.