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Bike Fittings 

A poorly fitted bike can make your day in the saddle range from frustrating to downright dangerous.  A bike does not come from the shop adjusted for individual needs.

A professional fitting will:

  • Adjust to your specific height, weight and riding style.
  • Adjust spring rates, sag, pressure, rebound, compression.
  • “Your” bike will operate at its peak for “your” riding style and ability.
  • Includes recommendations on components, saddles, bars, seats, tires, and self adjustment suspension.

Bike set up is included with every private class session and is provided for all current Trail Technique riders. Contact Trail Technique for more details. 

“I didn’t realize how much stuff I did not know. Ian is a world of knowledge when it comes to riding and bike setup. The class was amazing and very helpful. If you’re looking to improve your skills I highly recommend finding the time to take Ian’s course. I am so excited to get back out on the trails and start applying the techniques to my riding skills.”

-Aaron B.