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Larry Placido

  Ian will teach you at the level you are comfortable with… For a new rider, he’ll break it down in simple easy to understand steps to more advanced riders, he can talk “the technical stuff” with the best of ‘em. Ian picks up all the little things that will help you become not only a better rider, but more importantly a safer, more confident one. Give him a chance and you won’t regret it, I didn’t. 

Kevin Dielissen

  I have ridden with Ian Massey many times both with Bike Skills clinics and with Ian privately. I have also had Ian work on my both my bike and my wife’s mountain bikes. Ian’s technical riding skills and ability to teach them in a safe and understandable manner is impressive! His attention to detail and ability to communicate the task is very good. I have learned a lot that I can apply on the trail and have been able to ride sections that I was not previously able to. Ian has taught me how to climb, descend, conquer uphill and downhill switchbacks and ride into corners at speed. I have had Ian do a full fit on my mountain bike and am very satisfied with the changes he made. He has a deep understanding of the bike, the shocks, and all the components along with being a professional rider and coach.

There are many great riders, but only some can coach. Ian is one of those riders that has all the talents. Coaching, mechanics, and bike handling skills.

I would highly recommend Ian for both coaching and bike set up. 

Adam LaBarge

  Ian is Google for my bike. He always has answers or suggestions that are customized to my bike and riding style. Way better than answers on a forum, and way nicer, too! 

Peter Verdone

  Ian is one of the fastest teachers around. 

Elaine Morrison

Masters Triathlete, Xterra Athlete

“I trust Ian 100% on anything mountain bike related.  I have worked with him on bike fit, bike parts, and repairs, and ongoing classes.  In the 17 years I’ve been riding, I’ve learned more from Ian than all other sources combined.  He is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient when teaching.  He pushes me in a good way to continue to improve and to accomplish things I haven’t done before.  I don’t call him the guru for nothing!  Thank you Ian for believing in me!”

Cody B

 Another +1 for Ian Massey…I’ve spent some time doing some one on one skills practice with Ian and it has made me a much faster dhr, better at tech riding, and has extremely broadened my biking knowledge.

Larry P.

 Ian walks on water, or is that over the top? I appreciate all the extra time and effort he spent with me…. Going above and beyond. I’ll be more than happy to send people his way in the future. 


Ian was a wonderful instructor, I learned so much. Pump track was FUN!