About Ian Massey

Ian Massey in shopIan Massey is a Bay Area native, where he grew up riding bikes since the age of 3. He is  known and respected in the Northern CA Mountain Biking community. Wherever you ride in Northern CA, you will run into someone that knows Ian and has received his assistance along the way.He has been riding competitively in multiple disciplines for over 20 years, and at the pro level for over a decade.  He continues to race in the pro category in the west coast region, primarily in Enduro.

 Ian has combined his 20 years as a mechanic, racer and fitness instructor to develop a training system that is completely unique.  His process creates synergy between bike and rider that begins with a fundamental re-working of client’s understanding of body control and bike control.  The “Process” works with all ability levels, from beginner to pro, and those that are experienced riders that feel “stuck” at their current skills level.

In addition to his training process, his mechanical expertise allows him to accurately assess suspension system maladjustments and fitting issues.


  • Pro Gravity, Enduro & Slalom Racer
  • Cat 1 Cross Country Racer
  • Level II USA Cycling Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Master Bike Mechanic
  • Suspension Wizard
  • Specialized Fit Certified
  • Workshop Presenter for varied groups such as Team in Training, Kaiser Hospital, YMCA, Google and other private corporations.

Client List                                                                            Recent Race History

Stanford University Cycling Team                          2017 California Enduro Series Top Ten Pro

Alex Wild World Cup XC Racer                                2017 Dirty Sanchez Invitational Enduro 17/69

Sandy Flores World Cup XC Racer                          2016 California Enduro Series Top Ten Pro

Hella Mello Women’s MTB Team

Bicycle Trails Council of East Bay

Brian Kennedy, BKYC You Tube Channel

His real passion is sharing his love and knowledge of biking and fitness with others. He has the patience to assist the beginner, and the skills to improve and challenge the aspiring pro.

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