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Ian Massey

TRAILTECHNIQUE is owned and operated by Bay Area native, Ian Massey. Ian has been a bike industry professional for over 20 years, now as a full time mountain bike skills coach, he works with riders from all over the world at all skills levels. 

Growing up riding bikes as so many of us did, I did not realize until later into my racing career that I was in fact riding wrong. As I like to joke, I was one of the fastest guys while not riding correctly. I relied on fitness, confidence and fast reactions to make up for a lack of technique. As my background is in personal training, this led me to think about how our bodies interact with our bikes. My goal now, is to maintain mechanical advantage as in power lifting. I developed my training system to show other riders how we can create stability, free speed and reduce fatigue. I want to help all riders not make the same mistakes I did, and learn to ride correctly, the easy way!


  • Pro Gravity, Enduro & Slalom Racer
  • Cat 1 Cross Country Racer
  • Level II USA Cycling Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Master Bike Mechanic
  • Suspension Wizard
  • Specialized Fit Certified
  • Workshop Presenter for varied groups such as Team in Training, Kaiser Hospital, YMCA, Google and other private corporations.