You have a nice MTB… Now what?

Want HELP with your Mountain Bike?

USACycling LogoIan Massey is a

  • Level II USA Cycling Coach,
  • Master Bike Mechanic,
  • Specialized Fit Certified
  • and a suspension wizard.

His specialty is Mountain Biking and his passion is sharing his love, knowledge and experience of biking and fitness with others.


Mountain Bike Coaching

Bike Coaching

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes. Individual and Group.

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Bike Fittings / Suspension

Fit any style bike, suspension setup and more.

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Mountain Bike Consultation

Bike Consultation

 Learn from a professional coach and experienced mechanic.

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Ian Massey Racing   Another +1 for Ian Massey…I’ve spent some time doing some one on one skills practice with Ian and it has made me a much faster dhr (down hill racer), better at tech riding, and has extremely broadened my biking knowledge.   

– Cody B.

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Ian Massey Mountain Bike Coach

Ian Massey

SF Bay Area, CA

(707) 688-3594